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Monitoring of Russia’s Economic Outlook No.16(54) September 2017


Main topics of the issue: Inflation in Russia: a sharp deceleration in Q3 2017; Regions in H1 2017: the crisis is almost over, but no growth in sight; Food aid program: support of the population or agriculture?; Tax incentives: how to measure the effectiveness of tax incentives; Tax manoeuvre in Russian petroleum industry.

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Monitoring of Russia’s Economic Outlook No.15(53) September 2017


Main topics of the issue: The execution of the Federal Budget for H1 2017: further consolidation; Russian industry in mid 2017;  Industry adaptability index: a new all time high; Bank of Russia updates bank resolution mechanism to increase its control

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Monitoring of Russia’s Economic Outlook No.14(52) July 2017


Main topics of the issue: Macroeconomic projections for 2017-2019: a growth of 1.0-1.5%; Russia’s balance of payments in Q2 2017: the balance moves negative; Industry adaptability index in Q2 2017: “normal” assessments; Incomes and the poverty rate: stagnation and cautious optimism.

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Model Calculations of Short-Term Forecasts of Social and Economic Indices of the Russian Federation (May 2017)


This paper presents calculations of various economic indicators for the Russian Federation in June–November of 2017, which were performed using time series models developed as a result of research conducted by the Gaidar Institute over the past few years.

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Monitoring of Russia’s Economic Outlook No.13(51) July 2017


Main topics of the issue: Inflation upsurge amid bad weather; Propensity to save: strengthening at the expense of lending growth; Demographics: the number of births is declining; Agglomerative effects in Russian industry; Germany’ presidency in the G20: testing by Trump.

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Состоялось очередное заседание Ученого Совета под председательством Директора  Института д.э.н. Гайдара Е.Т.

Обсуждены два доклада:
1. К.э.н. Дробышевского С.М. «Анализ эффективности денежно-кредитной политики»;
2. К.э.н. Трофимова Г.Ю. «Фискальные проблемы и государственный долг».
Оппонентами выступили: по 1-му докладу – Стырин К.А. (Государственный университет - Высшая школа экономики), по 2-му докладу – н.с. ИЭПП Кадочников П.А.
На заседание были приглашены представители Центра развития, Центра макроэкономического анализа, Экономической экспертной группы, Экономической группы VEDI, студенты Высшей школы экономики и Российской экономической школы.
В ходе обсуждения на Ученом Совете выступили акад. Энтов Р.М., д.э.н. Гайдар Е.Т., д.э.н. Синельников-Мурылев С.Г., н.с. ИЭПП Ступин В.В. и др.
Итоги обсуждения подвел Гайдар Е.Т.

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